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MacFarlane Eden Nature Reserve

MacFarlane Eden Nature Reserve: This contract commenced in January 2015 to April 2016.

  • Client: MacFarlane Eden Nature Reserve
  • Date:   N/A
  • Info:    Nature Reserve

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This contract commenced in January 2015 to April 2016. The total size of the contract was 1271m2 comprising of 980m2 house area, 291m2 of servants quarters and laundry.

This upmarket luxury house was built in the heart of the bushveld on the Eden Nature Reserve.

The house was constructed around a central courtyard area.  All bedrooms feed of this area with each bedroom having a bathroom on suite. The middle section of the house is where the entertainment area is; a separate TV room leads into an open area with a scullery, kitchen and dining room lounge area. This opens up on to the patio with a panoramic view of the Lowveld bush area. Garages are situated at the back of the house where the servant’s quarters and laundry facility is housed.

The house which subtly blends into its surroundings has Epoxy earth coated floors that fits in with the natural feel of the place. There is a guest bedroom and art studio feeding off the courtyard patio. On entrance into the house an overall impression of the wide open plan of the house design gives a true view of the flow from one level onto the next, showing the big open aluminium windows which creates an outside inside experience.